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Jacqueline Evans

Argan & Rosehip Moisturising Cream

FOR DRY SKIN Perfect for dry and mature skin types, this cream will make faces feel young and smooth no matter what their age.

Spring skin Secrets

01 Oct 2017

Yay for Spring!  Hands down my fave time of the year. Mild breezy nights, chirping birdies, the sweetness of new flowers in the garden, and the whiff of bright, fresh, warm(ish) days brimming with life and fresh new possibilities.  Loving Spring, but the shift in seasons can throw a little mayhem on your skin. Here's some common Springtime conundrums and how to fix them:

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A Guide To Facial Oils

06 Sep 2017

Why use a face oil? Oil based skin care is making a huge comeback, and rightly so! Natural, high quality oils are antibacterial, protective, moisturising, healing and balancing. This quick guide will help you understand the benefits and how best to use your face oil. Here's the ben...

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