3 Tips For Smaller Pores

We know—we can’t actually shrink the size of our pores, but we can make them appear smaller. And here's how.. 

Oil is what makes your pores look large. Yep, we can blame oil production for yet another thing!  And now for the science lesson - it's a bit confusing and complicated, but oil changes how light interacts with solid objects, making things appear bigger.  So the more oil your sebaceous glands are pumping out, the larger your pores will seem. It’s also why pores may look their most cavernous right before you get your period — that’s when you have the highest levels of the hormone progesterone, which increases oil production. 

Gee, your body is clever!

So, you'll  make your pores appear smaller by minimising oil — and these two tips do just that. (Note this is best for those with oily or combination skin; dry-skin types generally don’t have the kind of excessive oiliness that leads to larger-looking pores.) 


Step 1: Use a deep-cleaning cream cleanser 
This will clear out oil and prevent buildup of that blackish stuff that makes pores appear more prominent. (Bacteria in your pores turns black once it comes into contact with oxygen.) You can supercharge your cleansing routine with a Muslin Cloth - excellent to remove all the cleanser, and help to exfoliate at the same time. 


Step 2: Use a Mask
Use a mask with charcoal or clay — two ingredients that excel at absorbing oil. Charcoal is very porous meaning it absorbs (attracts and holds) oils, toxins and impurities from the skin leaving it deeply clean and refreshed without feeling stripped or dry. The Green Clay & Gingko Detox Mask has the added benefit of charcoal beads, release the activated charcoal on application to the skin. 

Detox Mask

Step 3: Soothe with steam. 
I'm such a fan of a weekly facial steam. If you're going to work on your pores, it might be best to open them with some steam action first. The heat that the steam produces will raise the temperature of the skin, softening the hardened oil in the pore for easier extraction and deep cleansing. 

Facial Steam

If you've tried all this, but are still worried about your pores, then I suggest heading to your favourite beautician and opting for an extraction. 

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