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Meet Jacqueline



Hi There. I'm Jacqueline Evans.

I'm the founder of Jacqueline Evans Skin Care.

Here you will find content, tips, recipes, photos, inspiration and our range of natural face and body care products.

I will teach you how to love your skin.

I want you to understand that health and skin care go hand in hand and that healthy skin is an expression of a healthy lifestyle.

I'm Jacqui.


I'm passionate about health, and as Clinical Nutritionist and Naturopath, with 15+ years in the wellness industry, my research has led me to understand a critical element of our health is how we nurture our largest organ, our skin.


I’ve also studied cosmetic chemistry, am a mamma to two little girls, a wife, a terrible singer – but I can’t stop - , am obsessed with food and helping people to enjoy whatever they choose to eat (minus the guilt), a speaker, a writer and the founder of Jacqueline Evans Skin Care.  Above all else, I'm on a mission to help women fall head over heels in love with their skin, and by skin, I mean, to fall head over heels in love with their whole body. 


But what do I really do?

It is impossible for me to lecture about improving health without discussing the benefits of natural cosmetics. The skin is the body’s largest organ, it’s permeable too and absorbs nutrients from the skin right into the blood stream, so we ought to be feeding our skin well.

Okaaayyy, it makes sense, yeah?

My first interest naturopathy came whilst studying Chinese at University – to learn the language I was required also to learn Chinese history and philosophies.  I quickly became preoccupied by Eastern Medicine, and it wasn't long before I realised  my passion was in complementary medicine.  I was drawn to the holistic approach of naturopathy, and the idea of seeking the least invasive measures necessary for symptom improvement or resolution.

After studying Naturopathy in Melbourne, I moved to London and began working seeing clients and it was here I became interested in the science of formulating skincare.

I was already acutely aware of how the foods we eat can affect the way we feel, but was shocked to learn about the questionable ingredients often used in cosmetics.

In London, I learnt about the potential risks and benefits of skin care ingredients. When I wasn't treating patients I was in the laboratory formulating natural cosmetics. I was hooked,

When I returned to Melbourne (with my future husband in toe) I worked for many years in a large pathology laboratory developing new diagnostic tests and creating educational programmes for GP's and health care practitioners. I am a self proclaimed nerd and addicted to understanding the science and biochemistry of the body, and during this time became a specialist in the field of women’s hormonal health and wrote the textbook ‘Functional Pathology Practitioner Manual’.

Yet my passion for creating skincare products was never far away, and I was making creams for friends and family after working all day at the lab.

After becoming concerned by the prevalence of hormone imbalances I saw in female test results, I started to draw an important link that would change the future of my career.

I was coming across so many cases of hormonal imbalance (oestrogen dominance, premenstrual syndrome, PCOS, infertility endometriosis and so on) impacting women, and I noticed some of the ingredients from traditional skincare products coming up again and again as hormone disruptors. That’s when I thought there might be a place for me to show people a different way forward.


I wanted to show people beauty is so much more than skin deep, and to encourage them to take a look at what was happening on the inside. I wanted to create a brand people could trust and be sure they were using something safe and Jacqueline Evans Skin Care was born.


We’ve been named as one of Australia’s top 10 beauty brands by Vogue Australia and have received numerous awards for our design.

Ten years and tens of thousands of bright bottles later, our skincare range is stocked around the world and the unique botanical formulations are disrupting the beauty industry one product at a time.


I believe your skin care regime needs to be simple.

I am on a quest to make  women fall head over heels in love with their skin.


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Thanks for reading, 

We're in this together -