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The JE Difference

It's our eight-step approach in everything we do.

Established in 2009.

Jacqueline Evans Skin Care has remained true to our vision - create skin care to feed and nourish your skin with proven, results focused products. 


Formulated by a qualified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist.

Jacqueline has a keen focus on women's skin and the impact gut health and hormones can have on our skins' wellbeing.  To that end, the Jacqueline Evans range, embraces a wholistic philosophy on not only what we feed and nourish our skin on the outside but also how we feed and nourish our bodies on the inside.  You can learn more about Jacqueline's story here.  


Results driven. 

We don’t take shortcuts or compromise ingredients to save money. We are hands-on and will stay true to our ethos. Our products are designed, tested and made in Melbourne, Australia. 


No nasties. 

We only ever choose clean ingredients chosen entirely for their function and action on the skin.  We'll teach you which ingredients pose little risk and which ones you should avoid, especially if you want to reduce your chemical load.  Just know, none of our products contain any nasties or harmful ingredients.


Beauty inside and out. 

We’re on a mission to make women fall in love with their skin. We believe true beauty comes from within, and it’s our job to help you understand your body and listen to the messages it sends you. Certain foods have the ability to feed your skin with nutrients to help make your skin healthy and glowing. We’ll show you how to eat your way to beautiful skin.


Customer care. 

Backed by a team of nutritionists and people who understand skin - we call them our Beauty Informers - who care about your skin and its needs, we strive hard to provide personalised advice and education about your skin.  We are committed to sharing our knowledge with you and  encourage you to ask as many questions as you need in your quest for your healthiest skin.


Cruelty Free. 

We're so proud to be a Cruelty Free brand - no animal testing, no animal ingredients, vegan and gluten free. 



We're minimalist in the ingredients we choose to use, and source sustainable ingredients choosing not to use Palm Oil. This belief continues with our eco-friendly focus, demonstrated by our choice of packaging that respects the environment, is recyclable and is minimalist. 


Gentle plant-based ingredients.
Modern science formulated.
Designed to get results.