Acne Support

I help women and teenagers struggling with acne achieve clearer, healthier skin, overcome emotional challenges and boost their self-confidence by addressing the root causes through a holistic approach that combines real food and real science...minus the harsh skin care and medications. 

So that you can love your skin again 

Hello and welcome! 

I’m Jacqueline, a specialist acne nutritionist who believes we need to flip the script on acne!

You need to view your breakouts not as the problems itself, but as messengers revealing what's going on within. Acne, dear friends, is more of a symptom than the actual condition.

I’m a CMA member, skin care formulator, body esteeem educator and a Clinical Nutritionist with over 15 years experience. 

I specialise in decoding the complexities of acne, employing a holistic strategy that integrates testing, customised dietary plans, and lifestyle enhancements. By delving into the four essential pillars - gut health, mindset, hormones, and skincare - I guide you towards a solution that not only clears your skin but also fosters a sense of calm and confidence in your overall well-being.

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What to expect from a Nutrition Consultation:

Working with me on a consultation basis starts with your Initial Consultation (60 minutes), where I will discuss your goals, medical history and current nutrition, training and lifestyle.

From here we can identify the major changes required and implement these prior to your Follow Up Consultation (30 minutes). We recommend at least one follow up, but many of our clients continue to work with us monthly, to evolve their nutrition goals and health journey. 

+ Initial consultations generally take 60 minutes

+ I take a thorough case history to gain an understanding of your overall health. I may ask about childhood illness, your medical history, your digestion, sleep, energy, diet, menstrual cycle, mental health, and family history.

+ I may ask to see any recent tests or bloodwork you have had done. If you have any recent tests (in the last 12 months) please bring them to the consultation.

+ A holistic treatment plan will be written for you which may include diet and lifestyle recommendations, referrals for testing (if required) and a prescription of herbal and/or nutritional medicine.

I am more than happy to answer any other questions you may have! Just send an enquiry to

You can book into to see me by contacting me here. 

I am more than happy to answer any other questions you may have! Just send an enquiry to

Jacqueline Evans Nutritionist