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Consultations Now Available 

Hi there, I'm thrilled to announce I have teamed up with The Natural Nutritionist and am now available for face-to-face consultations at our Sandringham clinic and virtual consultations for those looking for support with skin, gut health or hormonal health.

You can book into to see me by contacting me here. 

I'm Jacqui, a Clinical Nutritionist, natural skin care manufacturer, a Mum to 2 little girls and obsessed with helping women to love the skin they're in.      

My philosophy is simple, with support and guidance, I want you to understand your body, how it feels when you eat certain foods, and how great you can feel when we address any underlying gut, inflammation or skin issues going on.   
I want you to have a positive relationship with food, minus the confusion.      
I understand the juggle of our 'busy' lifestyles, so I can help you make simple changes to reach your optimal health, through real food and simple adjustments.     
As I too, have had to learn the art of prioritising health, whilst juggling a business and a growing family...and everything in between!      
As a Clinical Nutritionist with over 15 years experience in the industry, having worked in Pathology for many years, I took my love of science and nature and applied it to the art of formulating natural beauty products.   
It was through learning about the effects traditional skincare chemicals can have on the skin and body that forever changed the direction of my career, and I'm determined to show people that true beauty begins on the inside. 
 understand shopping online for cosmetics can be a challenge. With Australia's largest range of natural and organic brands at our disposal, we can help you create and achieve the skincare regime you desire and the makeup look you are after.
Jacqueline Evans Nutritionist