Get Pumped! 

Last year we asked you what you wanted.
We listened very carefully.
You told us you want the option of larger sizes of your favourite products.
You told us you want a pump lid on your favourite products. 

We are so thrilled to deliver to you our newest additions in our skin care range -  

+ Larger size Argan & Rosehip Moisturising Cream (100ml) with pump action lid

+ Larger size Jojoba & Camellia Balancing Cream (100ml) with pump action lid

+ Larger size Castille Cream Cleanser (200ml) with pump action lid

Why the pump? You ask

We live in an era where innovations in skin care have led to formulations that can dramatically improve your skin, making it look less wrinkled, younger, healthier and glowing. The primary ingredients responsible for these advancements need to be treated with absolute respect, so that the benefits are passed onto your skin.The most beneficial ingredients are often the least stable! To maintain the freshness and efficacy of our ingredients we choose to use dark amber glass where possible (and when that's not possible we use recyclable PET plastic).  In addition to that, the new pump lid provides further protection and stability of the ingredients. 
Same formula, just bigger sizes
Both the jar and the new pumps allow your skin to reap the benefits of the beneficial ingredients inside the packaging.  But now you get to choose which method you prefer to dispense your favourite products - jar or pump! 
As always, we love hearing your feedback, if you have any comments or concerns please email us

Big thanks for reading 

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