Introducing Seasonal Skin Care

Winter has many perks. Red wine and cheese by the fire. Big wooly blankets and snuggles. Mulled wine on the ski slopes.....

Then there are the downsides.  Blotchy, red face. Scaly, itchy legs. And don't get us started on winter feet.

Your wardrobe shouldn’t be the only thing that changes with the seasons. As we move deeper into Winter, your skin care routine needs a change as well. Keep reading to discover how to transition your skin care routine as the seasons change.


As the weather warms and cools throughout the year, the humidity levels in the air fluctuate as well. With lower humidity—typically what we experience during the cold winter months—our skin’s moisture levels can plummet and dryness and a dull skin tone can set in. This is why rich moisturisers are key during the fall and winter seasons. Transitioning your skin care routine with each season helps you to customise your regimen in order to target the specific skin care concerns that may arise during that time of year.


Before we get into the seasonal changes you’ll make for Winter, it’s important to point out the aspects of your skin care routine that will always stay the same. No matter what time of year it may be—if the sun is shining bright or hiding behind a few snowy clouds—these are the skin care routine constants:

1. Broad-spectrum Sunscreen: Applied liberally and often, broad-spectrum SPF of 30 or more is your first line of defense against skin damaging UV rays. 

3. Eye Cream: Whether you have dark circles, puffiness, or a few fine lines, using an eye cream is a necessary step in your skin care routine all year round. Find a formula that helps to target your specific eye concerns and use it day and night.

4. Masks: Face masks allow you to give yourself a spa-like facial in the comfort of your home.  Alternate between the Pink Clay & Hibisucs Renew Face Mask formulated with pink clay and Alpha Hydroxy Acids's for bright skin, and the detoxifying Green Clay & Gingko Detox Face Mask formulated with charcoal for a deep clean.

5. Moisturisers: Whether you have dry skin in the winter, oily skin when the humidity sky rockets, or normal skin year-round, the one thing your skin care routine needs is a hydrating moisturizer

Now that you know your constants, it’s time to discover the things you’ll change.

Seasonal Skin Care for Winter 

As the warm weather makes way for chillier temperatures, lower humidity, and pumpkin-flavoured everything, your skin care needs an upgrade as well. Now is the time to pack away the lightweight formulas in favour of more emollient products focused on hydration and to find ways to combat visible evidence of any sun damage that may have occurred over the summer. 

Step 1: Cleanse

In the colder seasons you’ll want to focus on hydration since the low-humidity climate during this time of year can dry out skin and the best place to start is with the first step of your skin care routine: cleansing. Switch out water-based cleansers for creamy milk-like formulas like Castille Cream Cleanser. This hard-working cleanser purifies the skin’s surface, tones, and acts as an makeup remover—yes, it’s that gentle! The paraben-free formula is enriched with shea butter that leaves skin feeling fresh, soft, and smooth which is perfect during the colder months.

Step 2: Serum

Since hydration is the name of the game when it comes to winter skin care, introduce a hydrating skin care serum into your routine between cleansing and moisturising. For intense hydration, reach for Argan & Rosehip face Serum. It’s suitable for even combination skin types and offers moisture without a sticky, greasy finish.

Step 3: Moisturise

If you have a tendency to get dry skin in the colder seasons, after using a serum, lock in that hydration with a rich moisturiser like our best selling Argan & Rosehip Moisturising Cream. It helps to distribute and lock water in all facial zones for long-lasting hydration and comfort.

We're introducing Seasonal Skin Packs to get you through Winter minus the blotchy face

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Now, if only transitioning our wardrobe was this simple!

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