The power of face massage

There’s a common misconception that it’s bad to touch your face. That face massage will lead to wrinkles and sagging in the skin. The truth is actually quite the opposite. 

Your face has hundreds of pressure points and complex lymphatic system. All of these points correspond to different parts of our bodies and effect our skin. Many skin concerns that leave us looking puffy and aged are a result of these systems being clogged up and congested. The best way to clear them is through massage, specifically pressure points and lymphatic drainage style moves. 

Face Massage Technique

  • A good facial massage should begin with warm hands and an even medium pressure. 
  • On the neck use upwards motions towards the chin for a lifting effect.
  • When on the face begin in the middle of the chin and use outward strokes towards your ears. A 'pumping' motion will give a lymphatic drainage effect. When you get to the outer of your jaw stop there and massage it circular motions with firm pressure. Daily talking, grinding teeth and clenching make that area very tight and blocked, massaging it firming will help release it so your lymphatic system can clear.
  • Continue this up the face section by section. You might want to do 3-4 sweeps of the same section when you’re at the nose area.
  • When you get to your eyebrow pinch from the inner of the brow to the outer before sweeping to the edge in a draining motion. This will release any pressure. You can also do a whole sweeping motion around the eye in the direction of your eyebrow hair. This is a great way to apply eye cream.
  • To enhance the drainage around the eye area, stimulate the inner of bridge of your nose by rubbing it and then use a drainage motion under the eye area. This will assist to clear any congestion and reduce under eye puffiness.
  • Using upwards motions on the forehead area will have a soothing and softening effect. Light to medium pressure is fine to use in the area, where the aim for more for relaxation and relaxing of the muscles. 
  • Gently pump down the sides of your face to your collarbone. This will drain any lymph build up to your lymph nodes so your body can eliminate the toxins. Repeat this 3 times.
  • You can finish with massaging your scalp. We hold a lot of pressure in our scalp and releasing that will have a very relaxing effect. A shampooing motion with medium to firm pressure will release a lot of pressure points. 
  • Finally finish by placing your hands over your face and taking in a few deep breaths. This will calm your nervous system and release any stress you’ve been holding onto.

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