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The feeling that the way we look is a barrier to our success in life is one of the most significant causes of personal concern for young Australians. Over 70% of adolescent girls have body dissatisfaction, while the Mission Australia Youth Survey (2015) identified body dissatisfaction as one of the top ranked issues of concern for young people.
In a society where so much focus is on body shape and size, we are seeing an increase in high risk behaviours in young people and increased rates of reported eating disorders. Butterfly strives to be a catalyst for change: to value people for who they are rather than for their looks, and to provide effective prevention strategies and treatment options for those at risk of eating disorders.
Change is needed at community, health policy and clinical practice levels. Eating disorders are complex, life threatening psychiatric illnesses. The prevalence and impact of eating disorders are significantly underestimated in our society. There is
no immediate cure. While we know recovery is possible, the road is often long and complicated. Butterfly’s mission is to support and help anyone affected by eating disorders. 

Not done with your Christmas shopping and want to help?

We are proudly donating proceeds of every sale of our Jacqueline Evans x Tegan Lloyd Hand Soap to The Butterfly Foundation this December. 

Together we can help change the conversation about beauty, one girl at a time.

We can. We really can.

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How Will Your Purchase Make a Difference?

-  $20 Could assist with the facilitation of a support group for someone experiencing an eating disorder or a carer

$50 Could help Butterfly run an online support group for sufferers and carers in rural and remote areas

$100 Could enable the loved ones of an eating disorder sufferer the opportunity to attend a Butterfly family counselling session

$300 Could provide a local school with a workshop on positive body image and self- esteem for 30 of their students

$500 Could provide a course of face-to-face counselling for someone experiencing an eating disorder

$1,000 Could train health workers and doctors within a local community in the identification and treatment of people with eating disorder

Thank you for taking the time to read this. 

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