Cleanser: Expectations v Reality

Cleansing your face before bed is one of the cardinal rules for maintaining healthy skin. Now, I am guilty of forgetting to cleanse before retreating to slumber on occasion and I've rationalised by thinking it's not a big deal. However the effects of not having a clean face before bedtime are actually significant. 

Cleansing your face morning and night is essential to maintain a healthy glow, but you need to do it right, and you need to do it regularly. Late night excuses not withstanding!

Benefits Galore
Proper cleansing:
+ allows dirt and old surface skin cells to be removed
+ enables all that makeup grime and bacteria to be dissolved

+ allows the skin to breathe properly and freely 
+ promotes good circulation for your face aka a healthy glow to your cheeks
+ permits the skin to properly benefit from toning and moisturising 

Easy Application
+ ensure your hands are clean before you wash your face 
+ use warm water and a gentle plant-based cream cleanser such as
our castille cream cleanser

+ gently massage your face using circular motions
+ remove with a warm-water-soaked cotton facecloth to remove excess water
+ finish with rooibos facial toner and lock in moisture argan & rosehip mositurising cream(for dry/mature skin) or jojoba & camellia balancing cream (for oily/combination skin)

Castille Cream Cleanser


Our Big Cleansing Secret
My biggest secret for having radiant skin?
Cleanse once in the morning and twice at night – the first time will remove makeup and the second time will remove sunscreen, makeup, grime and pollution leaving skin soft and smooth. 

Here's what you're saying about the Castille Cream Cleanser; 

Castille Cream Cleanser

Castille Cream Cleanser Reviews

A cleanser that cleans, properly to keep your skin happy, smooth and hydrated.

A cleanser called Castille Cream Cleanser 


Enjoy x 

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