Lemongrass, the sweet scented essential oil, is grown in the humid climate of tropical India. A key ingredient in our Castille Cream Cleanser, it's known for its cleansing and toning properties. When incorporated in cleansing formulations the results are fantastic, especially when blended with other oils, such as macadamia. It is recognised for its significant stimulating effect and has the ability to revive and invigorate a tired mind. 

Today there are over 500 tonnes of lemongrass essential oil produced in India every year, with some 3,000 hectares dedicated to farming. Lemongrass has been used for centuries in medicinal applications, cooking and pest control. Research institutes across India use the oil to help persevere ancient palm leaf Sanskrit manuscripts that date back thousands of years. The oil helps to keep the manuscripts smooth and prevents decay by protecting from humidity. And in our Castille Cream Cleanser, this vibrant oil will leave your skin fresh, revived and clean, and make you feel uplifted.

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