5 Tips For Dumping the Chemicals Here's my top 5 tips to make the switch to natural skin care. 


Start by doing some research. There are plenty of online natural resources where you can learn more about your skin and ingredients. My personal fave for researching ingredients is The Environmental Working Group

Talk to people that make your favourite brand (aka us!!) or chat to stores that stock your favourite brand.  We love hearing from you and answering all your in-depth skin questions so hit us here 

Most stores will offer sample packs or individual samples just like this. This will give you a feel of the product before you commit to buying the full shebang. This will give you at least a few days of trialling the products without committing to full size purchases and give you a great sense of how the product behaves on your skin over time.

Once you have familiarised yourself with what's available, now is the time to choose the products that resonated with you the most. Shop with comfort online or visit your favourite stockist. Look for extras like free samples or free shipping, or even a % off your first order for becoming one of their customers.

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If you've made the switch to natural skin care, you may find it take a few weeks for your skin to adjust to your new regime. The skin cycle is approximately 28 days, so make sure you trial your new range for at least 4 weeks, and don't be put off my slight redness or a little break out, these are signs your body is getting used to the new ingredients, and it should settle down. If it doesn't settle,and the breakout continues for several months or more, what you're using is not right for your skin type.  

{HOT TIP} We are going to dive deep into identifying your skin type in our next issue.   

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