Is your skin fully hydrated? Here's how to lock that moisture in.

Are you finding yourself doing your daily routine of skin care, drinking water like a pro, yet still finding your skin dry and dull?

Here's three ways to help increase your skin absorption and get the nutrients to penetrate deeper into the skin, giving your hydrated and glowing skin. 

1. Forgotten the toner
If the skin fails to really soak in the nutrients and moisturising agents from your moisturiser, chances are it’s not ready. This is where toners come to help to as it prepares your skin for hydration.  
Toner is that little extra step in any skin care routine that makes skin its happiest. Used between cleansing and moisturising, toner removes the final traces of cleanser and dirt left behind. It tightens pores and keeps skin in top condition, but from a hydration point of view it helps the moisturiser penetrate deeper for better results. 

2. Massage Your Face with Your Warm Hands
How many products are in your skin care routine? Are they all really working? Did you know that if the skin is warm (optimal is 35degC) then it absorbs the nutrients from your skin care better?  Before applying anything on your face, you can rub your hands together to generate some warmth, then apply cream after your hands turn warm. Gently press your hands on areas that need to be moisturised for 20 seconds and move to a different area. 

3. The Right Texture and Amount Work the Best
Most of the time, your skincare routine doesn't work as hard as it should because you apply the wrong amount. If you find your skin still very dry after your skincare routine, you may increase the use of lotion or cream. If you find your skin very dry and dehydrated, you might need to add in additional support, such as a Face Oil. 

Learn more about Dry Skin here. 

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