The conversation you need to be having about natural skin care

Natural Beauty Swap - the conversations you need to be having

You’re finally taking the plunge into natural skin care {congrats BTW!}

But where do you start?
Does it even work?

Good news, yes it works! It’s a matter of swapping your traditional products (here's our guide for starting the switch) for hard working / clean / effective / non-toxic products. 

Here are some of our *favourite* comments from you guys when you're making the switch and here's your new FAVOURITE answer. 

Mainstream - I like that clean ‘tight’ feeling after washing my face.
Natural swap – My skin feel super clean but supported and not stripped.

This is because you’re addicted to stripping soaps found in traditional cleansers,
the tight feeling doesn’t mean your skin is any cleaner, just stripped of its natural
oils. Using the right natural cleanser with a muslin cloth will give you that really
clean feeling without being stripped.

Mainstream – My products work because they have scientific claims of results.
Natural Swap – My products work because I notice real results because they’re less likely to be filled out with water and cheap chemical fillers.

Ah yes, beauty counter claims. In a word, marketing. Sure that super ingredient
might have a percentage tightening effect when used on the skin, but how much
of it is actually in your product? If you read the ingredients of traditional
products you will find the first ingredient to be water (or aqua) and the ‘miracle’
ingredient to be down the bottom of the list. Often it will be in such a small
amount that the benefit is rendered useless. Where natural products are not
filled with water and fillers and you will find the nourishing oils and active
ingredients at the top of a (shorter) ingredient list.

Mainstream – I like the glamorous fragrance of my product.
Natural Swap – My product not only smells great, but it also makes me feel good.

Perfumes in cosmetics are often denoted as ‘fragrance’ and it translates loosely
to chemical sh1t storm. Manufacturers don’t have to disclose what makes up that
perfume but it’s usually a mix of petro chemicals including phthalates (a type of
plastic) that are known hormonal disrupters. Natural products are fragranced
with essential oils. The new blends are beautiful and sophisticated and not
limited to patchouli. These pure oil blends from plants not only smell great but
also make you feel good.

Mainstream - There is no solid evidence that the ingredients in my skincare are
bad for me, they wouldn’t be allowed on the shelf.
Natural Swap – I know for sure that all the ingredients in my skin care are safe
and good for my skin and body.

There is more and more evidence gathering around how petroleum derived
ingredients mess with our hormonal health. Parabens have actually just been
banned in France and chemical preservatives get been taken off the safe to use roster regularly.


Sure, there may not be a Spanish inquisition into what chemicals are
doing to our health *yet*, but in the meantime do you really want to risk it?  I'd love to know your thoughts, please comment below and or get started with our Face Essentials Pack here. 


PS: I sat down recently with Steph Lowe from The Natural Nutritionist and took a deep dive into skincare ingredients and what ingredients are known endocrine disruptors, how to avoid ‘greenwashing’ and what you should really be adding to your skincare regime, you can listen to it here. 

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