How to tell if your skin care regime is working

Pantene kinda was accurate in saying "it won't happen overnight but it will happen".

Like with most things, transformation does take time.  That instant gratification we get from applying a glossy balm to our lips, or the instant pick me up in splashing on some red lippy is one thing, but *actually* caring for our skin and all it's unique traits is a whole other story - and a daily one (twice  daily for most) at that. 

Naturally, the aim is to build a morning and night-time skin care regime to give your skin some TLC and also to note *real* results. You want to treat, prevent, cleanse, hydrate, smooth, and so on—and then you need to figure out ingredients and products and found a routine that fits your needs.  And then we get hit but changing factors like the weather, the environment, our age and we find ourselves re-thinking the whole regime. 

Sounds exhausting. It's not. Read on....

So, {hopefully} you're giving a more natural based product a go or want to treat a new skin care need. Anyone who's ever introduced a new product to their regimen knows it's mostly a waiting game. But as a rule of thumb, you should try sticking with anything new for at least a few weeks (it can take up to 28 days for skin cells to turn over) to see true results.  So you may not see any noticeable results for up to 28 days.  And if you're switching from mainstream to natural; your skin may go through a small (but absolutely worthwhile) period of time where it's a little worse before it's better (it's the body's not-so-nice way of saying 'hey i'm clearing out any toxins to pave the way to clearer / brighter / happier skin.

Here's a few easy-to-spot way to tell if a new product is working;

 You can see a difference: It sounds simple, but whatever your reason for trying a new product—whether it's curiosity about a more natural alternative or a new skin care need—take photos. Before and after shots can show a dramatic difference, but day-to-day pictures of your skin can help you see a gradual progression (for better or worse). Take photos of yourself on your phone and compare them over time. Sometimes it's hard for us to recognise the subtle changes day to day. (Make sure to take pictures under the same lighting conditions for reliable comparisons.) 

PS: we LOVE seeing your before and after photos so keep sending them our way please! 

 Your skin’s happy: You can often feel immediately how good a new product can feel on your skin. In the early days of trying a new product; a few mild breakouts are typically expected and normal. That's a good sign your skin is doing what it's supposed to do. Keep in mind that major redness and rashes could indicate that you're intolerant to a new ingredient. But if you've put in the time (a few weeks of use) and your skin hasn't experienced prolonged irritation and generally feels balanced, that's a good sign that the product's compatible with your skin. 


 You feel good about it: Don't discount your gut instinct! How you feel about the products you use on your body is an important part of building a healthy skin care routine. It could be the cleanest product on the shelf, but if you don't like using it, it's probably not meant to be part of your arsenal in the long run. Ultimately, your skin is an investment, and it's unique—genetics, your diet, and other factors can contribute to how your skin looks, feels, and responds to a product. If your skin's just not vibing with something new, try something else. Or perhaps start with a Sample Pack to try before you buy. 

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