Rosehip Oil recently had a dire harvest which has affected production world wide. Our best selling products are hands down the Argan & Rosehip Moisturising Cream and the Argan & Rosehip Face Serum. It seems y'all can't get enough of these clever products.  What makes both these products so clever is the inclusion of Rosehip Oil. This super star oil is famous for its anti-ageing benefits, which include:
VITAMIN E // this helps to calm and hydrate your skin and provides protection from sun damage
ESSENTIAL FATTY ACIDS // the naturally occurring fatty acids help to repair and regenerate damages skin tissue
VITAMIN C // an antioxidant that may provide protection against pigmentation and restore skin tone
LYCOPENE // this is a very important antioxidant which helps improve skin texture and offers may protection against premature ageing

As you know we take massive emphasis on choosing the very best ingredients for our products. We source the finest Rosehip Oil from a certified organic source where no fertilisers or pesticides are used. However, the last season for Rosehip Oil harvest was poor due to weather complications affecting the crop. As such, seasonal climate and crop changes can mean that our rosehip oil may vary slightly in colour, aroma and texture. We do guarantee you that the quality and performance of the products in unaffected and your rosehip oil is exactly as nature intended it to be. We will continue to make it using the best ingredients we can source, so keep slathering it on your gorgeous face. Get your hands (or face) on some here

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