The silliest season of all is upon us. It's a time to enjoy yourself - guilt free.

We've put together a little guide to a hangover.  So here it is, a run down on what you can do from a food point of view to perhaps better manage the morning after.

Enjoy every moment of the fun along the way x 

Here are the tops tips for the festive season when it comes to alcohol.

+ Eat a rainbow -  green juices and seafood platters are ideal as they give vitamin B3 and zinc which you lose through drinking

+ Seems so obvious, but make sure you have enough water. My personal favourite is one mineral water for every drink.

+ Stick to 'clean spirits' (Gin or vodka anyone?), so you are not consuming  sugar laden beverages. 

+ Eat a good meal (particularly containing good fats) before drinking helps to slow the absorption of alcohol into the blood stream, which gives your body more time to process the by products of alcohol. 

+Start the morning after with the biggest green juice (or smoothie) you can get your hands on.  Go for ones that contain lemon, orange, coconut water, or even grapefruit - they all help the body to metabolise alcohol.

+ You lose electrolyte from drinking - help replace them through eating bananas or drinking coconut.

+ Detox your skin. The morning after a night on the booze, your skin tends to feel dry and patchy after  - feed it back some nutrients and give it a detox with our Green Clay & Gingko Detox Mask. You'll be shiny and fresh in no time.  Learn more about the benefits of Australian Clay here. 

+ Get up and move, nothing better than working up a sweat to sweat out some of the toxins from last nights session on the D floor. 

Most importantly, enjoy every single moment whatever you do,


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