4 *sneaky*things which may affect your skin health

So many factors may affect how healthy your skin looks and feels (hormonal health, gut health, stress levels, diet to name a few..).

Of course we need to address the topical factors by choosing to use safe *clean* ingredients, but there are some super simple other factors which can affect your skin health that you can implement right now! Because beauty really does begin on the inside. And we MUST get these basic foundations down pat! 

Environmental Influences

There are many environmental influences around you that affect your skin. The sun’s harmful UV rays can cause premature wrinkles, sunspots and dryness. Pollution can cause damage to your pores, cause you to break out, and lead to premature aging. You can protect your skin from environmental triggers by wearing sunscreen, keeping your skin moisturised and using a variety of natural products on your skin to promote healing. 

TIP: Go for ones that contain real vitamins to feed and support the skin, such as this best seller. 


The human body is made of up to 65 percent water (my daughter constantly reminds me of this fun fact!). This water helps your internal organs and systems function, but proper hydration also keeps your skin healthy and radiant. If you’re dehydrated, you’ll find that your skin tends to get red, dry and irritated. You can drink more water to boost hydration from the inside out, but you should also be using a good quality moisturiser regularly to help your skin retain moisture. 

Goal: Aim for 2L water per day. Check out our ideal water intake calculator here for your personal best intake recommendation! 

Gut Health 

Health really begins in the gut. If you’re constantly feeling like you’re dragging yourself around to where you need to be; your lack of energy can affect the health of your skin, and perhaps your gut needs a reset too?

TIP: we've got a stack of article on the gut; just type GUT into our search bar. 


Is there actually anything better than getting into bed each night?  We all now know how important it is to get a good solid 8 hours sleep. Some people require a bit more to feel energised, while others function quite well on a little less. Regardless, you should make sure that you’re getting your full amount. Lack of sleep will divert your bodily energy to other areas of your body. Your skin will look tired, saggy and dull when you’re tired.

HELP: Read our sleep guide here 


Nothing ground breaking, I know, but these foundational small and subtle changes can make a big difference to the health of your skin. 

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