With news just in the the United Kingdom has now BANNED plastic microbeads we wanted to show you why exfolition is so important for your skin, but how you can do it minus the nasty plastic microbeads. 

Plastic microbeads are found in personal and cosmetic products, such as your toothpaste, facial scrubs and washes. They wash into the ocean every day and harm marine life and your food chain. We know there is approximately 150 million tons of plastic lurking in our oceans. We are so pleased the UK has taken this step to ban the plastic, and hope Australia is next! 


A typical beauty routine incorporates cleansing, toning and moisturising but it is also important to include regular exfoliation to ensure you maintain a bright and youthful complexion.

Exfoliation helps to remove dry, dead skin cells that can clog pores and make your skin appear dull or lifeless. Clogged pores can lead to mild blemishes or break-outs and are often the cause of blackheads or acne, by removing oil congestion and excess deal cells your skin will glow with a fresh and healthy appearance.

Facial scrubs benefit all skin types. Whether you have an oily, dry, sensitive or mature complexion you can find an exfoliant scrub to suit your needs, however look for ones that aren’t harsh, our skin contains delicate cells and exfoliation should be a very gentle part of your beauty routine. There are many options to choose from. Our scrub is based on powdered walnut shells and chamomile, it encourages the absorption of creams and is perfect for preparing the face and neck when moisturising.

Learn more about our Chamomile & Walnut Scrub here 

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